Zobot Tip 1: Keep your visitors from waiting with chat forward action in the Zobot!

Zobot Tip 1: Keep your visitors from waiting with chat forward action in the Zobot!

Visitors on a website do not usually like to be placed in situations where they need to wait for a response to their query. The Zobot eases this situation with its instantaneous and accurate responses. But what happens when the Zobot itself is in a situation where it does not know the answer to a question that the visitor has put up? This is when chat forward comes in handy. 

The 'forward' action in the Zobot:

The 'forward' action in the Zobot lets the Zobot transfer chats to operators inside your organization in case it does not know the answer to any query that comes from visitors. 

  1. {
  2. "action" : "forward",
  3. "replies" : ["Your text here"]
  4. }

This is what the chat forwarding on the visitor's side(on the website) will look like.

But what if visitors want to connect with someone specific?

Sometimes, chat forwarding can be inordinately time-consuming and might end up making your visitor wait for too long and become impatient. But, with the Zobot, you have three options with respect to the forward action. These options can route chats to the right person/department thus reducing the waiting time manifold. The options are as follows:

  • Forward chats to all operators and departments:
    • When the Zobot does not know the answer to a query, it can forward the chats to all departments and all the available operators in the organization.
    • In this case, all operators will be notified of the incoming chat and one of them can pick it up and answer.
    • Once the chat is picked up by an operator, the others will stop getting notified about the chat.


  1. {
  2. "action" : "forward",
  3. "replies" : ["Thanks for contacting us today, You will be connected to our operator shortly"]

When the operator receives a notification about the incoming chat transfer inside the portal, it will look like this.

  • Forward chats to an expert at the topic:
    • The Zobot can also forward a chat to one of the operators an expert in the topic. This comes in handy when there are multiple options and the Zobot wants to transfer the chat to a specific operator based on the topic.
    • When the chat is forwarded to the operator directly, visitors can get their queries answered right away. This saves a lot of time and effort for both the visitor and the organization.
  1. {
  2. "action" : "forward",
  3. "operators" : " scott.fisher@zylker.com "
  4. "replies" : ["You will be connected to our operator shortly.."]
  5. }

  • Forward chats to departments based on the topic:
    • Chats can also be forwarded by the Zobot to specific departments in your organization. Here, all the operators in the department chosen will be notified of the incoming chat and one of them can pick it up and respond to it. 
    • For example, if the visitor comes up with a question related to Billing issues, the chat can be forwarded to the Billing department of your company.

  1. {
  2. "action" : "forward", 
  3. "departments" : "606000007166005"
  4. "replies" : ["Please hold while I transfer your chat to the billing department.."] 

P.S. If you want to try out this functionality in the Zobot, check out our Lead Generation and Q&A Sample Scripts.

More tips are on their way, so, stay tuned!

Happy Zoboting!


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