Zoho Cliq 4.0 : Admin Controls and Customization options

Zoho Cliq 4.0 : Admin Controls and Customization options

Zoho Cliq offers admins a panel where they can set up and manage their organization account. The admins' top concern has been preventing the leak of important organization data. We are excited to announce the release of three such crucial features in Zoho Cliq. Now, admins will have control over managing the resources users have created. They can customize the navigation sidebar and restrict users from arranging the modules. They can also set up role based permissions to restrict downloading or forwarding data.
  1. Manage resources users create
    Admins can manage internal apps that users create. Let's say there are a few apps that have vulnerable code. They can disable the apps to fix and activate them.

    They can also handle other actions like assigning ownership to another user or deleting resources that are not necessary. To know how you as an admin can manage your organization resources, refer to the following help doc.
  2. Customize navigation sidebar
    Admins can customize the arrangement of the modules in the navigation sidebar and restrict users from changing it. This way, the modules remain constant throughout the entire organization. By simply dragging and dropping modules, you can set up all the important modules on the left side.

    To know how you can set up the navigation sidebar for your organization, refer to the following help doc
  3. Restrict downloading or forwarding data
    Admins can restrict users from downloading or forwarding files based on their roles. This way, your organization's data remains safe, and only authorized roles can exchange sensitive information.
    To know how you can enable restriction based on roles for your organization, refer to the following help doc.
  4. Message translation
    Admins can enable message translation for the organization via Zia or Google Translator. 
    To know how you can enable message translation for your organization, refer to the following help doc.

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