Double-up your sales, conversions and retention with E-Commerce Zobots!

Double-up your sales, conversions and retention with E-Commerce Zobots!

E-Commerce does not follow a single path. Just like how there are multiple channels you can list your products on, there’s an abundance of ways to make an online purchase — apps, email, social media, etc. This myriad of options can be disorienting to customers if there isn’t one clear route for them to reach their purchase goals. 

Companies today can use Zobots to eliminate the disorientation and communicate with visitors instantly and resolve their issues then and there. These round-the-clock Zobots infer customers’ preferences and create a valuable, individualized shopping experience thus bridging the gap of personalization that customers face in online shopping. 

Let me brief you on the capabilities of the E-Commerce Zobot that is going to dramatically advance the shopping experience of a multitude of consumers.

Zobot Capabilities:

  1. Acts as a purchase partner:  The Zobot provides a hyper-personalized experience by delivering personalized content and messaging. It also analyses visitor likes/dislikes, budget, etc. to provide shopping recommendations - both upsells and cross-sells efficiently. Once the products are chosen, it also gets the delivery location from the visitor and schedules deliveries. This can further be personalized by combining previously collected customer preference data.

  2. Provides a Velvet Rope Experience:  E-Commerce Zobots serve as the ultimate channel to deliver “velvet rope” experiences for visitors for three different reasons- Instant gratification,  Personalization and interaction and,  Ability for your visitor to use the Zobot across devices.  No matter how a person starts interacting with your Zobot, whether from a  website, an advertisement, or otherwise, you can immediately offer a  personalized experience that will in turn increase sales and retention. 

  3. Live Chat Transfer: It can transfer chats to experts in your organization right from the chat window. This way, customers can talk to the experts before they make any purchase or report grievances.

  4. Helps with returns/refunds:  In case, any visitor wants to return a product/request a refund for any specific reason, the Zobot displays the return/refund policy of your organization and sends a confirmation email with the refund schedule. It can also forward these chats to operators.

  5. Keep prospects updated: When visitors want to know about the status of their orders, it displays the list of orders the visitor has placed along with the corresponding statuses.

  6. Feedback management: Data collected from chatbots can help you improve and enhance your services as you will be aware of what your guests dislike and the things they like; the latest consumer trends; the information they find hard to understand, etc. 

Zobot Flow : 

How does this Zobot work?  

  • When a visitor lands on the website and matches the trigger criteria, the bot will trigger a welcome message along with the main menu.
  • Once the bot receives a message from the website visitor, the message handler starts executing where visitors are reactively engaged. All questions from the visitor are handled in the Message Handler.  
  • The combination of messages received from the website visitor will be analysed and stored in the code in the context handler, and the bot will respond to the visitors based on the question they receive from the available answers. The Context handler is also where all the necessary connections are created and invoked.

How to create this Zobot?  

  • Navigate to Settings > Zobot > Create bot. Add a name, description, choose the website and preferred departments.
  • Set trigger criteria and enable business hours and operator handoff based on your requirements.
  • Now, copy the code and paste it inside each handler- Trigger, Message, and Context.
  • Save the script in all the handlers and then publish the bot and it will be ready to assist visitors on your website.

Here's a video on how the E-Commerce Zobot works.

Jump right into our  Resources Section and learn more about the Zobot.

You can download the Sample Script here .

Happy Zoboting!


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