Enrich your E-Commerce Customer's Journey with SalesIQ Integrations

Enrich your E-Commerce Customer's Journey with SalesIQ Integrations

The booming of the E-Commerce industry is one of the major transformations we saw after the life-changing year 2020. The pandemic brought about this e-commerce explosion and it is certain with the recent trends, that this transformation is here to stay. Many businesses which were previously selling offline alone, have moved their sales online as well, to keep up and reap the fruits of this growing online trend.

In this post, we will be discussing about how SalesIQ's various integrations can help an E-Commerce business in the various stages of the customer life cycle. 

Zoho SalesIQ & its various Integrations

Zoho SalesIQ being a multi specialty software, is well equipped to comprehend, assist and nurture website visitors, converting them into leads and eventually, into customers. As a stand alone tool in itself, SalesIQ has a hoard of interesting features to ensure that your website visitors are well taken care of, at every step of the visitor journey. But, why stop there when we can extend its functionalities and add so much more value to our customers, with this robust tool?
The SalesIQ integrations allow you to combine and sync the data from multiple apps and software, that you already use. This allows all your tools to function as one, in unison bringing out the best of each app and maximizing data value for the users.

How can SalesIQ help in an E-Commerce Customer's Life cycle?

 For better understanding, let's breakdown a customer's life cycle in an online store and walk through their journey, with SalesIQ.

Customer Life cycle Stage 1 - Discovery 

With the outbreak of social media ads and search tracking features online, people usually visit an online store looking for something that they need. They discover your online store when they see that, you offer what they need. This is the Discovery stage.

In this stage, as a new visitor comes into your website, and goes through your products, SalesIQ will show you this visitor on the Live Rings view with basic details like the visitor location, time spent on site, pages navigated to and time spent on each page etc. And if a website visitor visits you again for a second time or a third time, they will be shown on the live rings view as a returning visitor.

SalesIQ's Data enrichment Integration for Stage 1

'Knowing your customer' and being proactive is very much necessary in today's online business climate. To get an idea of who the website visitor is, and what they might need, even before interacting with them can give you an enormous edge while actually pitching your product or service to them. Data enrichment tools can actually help you know and understand which particular company or business, the visitor is associated with. SalesIQ supports Leadberry and Clearbit Enrichment and also has its own in-house enrichment tool, Zia Profile enrichment
With this available information, the SalesIQ operator can go ahead and start a Proactive chat with the visitor and go about assisting them with their needs.

Customer Life cycle Stage 2 - Evaluation, Inquiry & Purchase Stage

In this stage, the customer will find answers to all the questions on their mind such as How good is this product?, Is it better than the one I saw yesterday?, Is this brand worthy?, How useful will this be to me? and so on.
SalesIQ's live chat widget will connect your visitors and shoppers with your operators instantly, to get answers to all the questions they may have, ensuring maximized customer support. Once they are satisfied, they finally decide to buy the product from your store. Success! 

SalesIQ's CRM Integration for Stage 2

As the visitor evaluates the utility and value of the product, they may engage with the SalesIQ operator to get their queries resolved. When the visitor shows interest in purchasing, the operator can easily push the details of the visitor from SalesIQ, to CRM as a Lead or Contact with the Zoho CRM Integration. This will enable the Sales team to further work on the prospects.
The SalesIQ operator can also add deals for the customer and follow up tasks for the CRM team from the SalesIQ dashboard itself. It can be noted that SalesIQ also supports integration with Salesforce CRM which is again, one of the top tools used in the field.

Life cycle Stage 3 - Product experience and After-Sales Support

The make or break phase where a customer uses your product and will come up with feedback. They may face issues with it and your support team's capability in resolving issues will be tested in this stage.

SalesIQ's Help Desk Integrations for Stage 3

Businesses use help desk software to manage and organize customer queries and issues. With the helpdesk integrations available in SalesIQ, if the customer raises an issue during a chat conversation, the chat can be converted as a desk ticket immediately. This can then be further followed up on the help desk software for satisfactory resolutions. Moreover, recent tickets of a particular website visitor will be available on SalesIQ itself for enhanced support. Learn more about the Helpdesk Integrations available in SalesIQ here.

Life cycle Stage 4 - Retention & Repurchase

And if you succeed with the Support stage, you can sail smoothly towards retaining your customers, and can also count on them to purchase again from you. But how can you target them with the right products?

SalesIQ's Email marketing Integrations for Stage 4

Based on their purchase history, add the customers to the right email campaign lists to keep them informed on all the new deals and offers that they may be interested in. Marketing mailers have long been strategies for promoting products and services, building credibility and customer loyalty. With this integration, you can easily add website visitors and customers to appropriate mailing lists. In addition, you can also get to know if any website visitor is from a particular campaign list that was sent previously. SalesIQ offers integrations with more than a dozen email marketing tools like Zoho campaigns, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, dotMailer and many more. Get the full list here.
So, that was a look at SalesIQ's integrations with regards to the E-Commerce industry. These integrations push the boundaries, strengthening and improving your SalesIQ experience while making the customer journey better. We also have many other apps supported for integration with SalesIQ. Take a look at the full list and detailed guides here.

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