Spotlight series #2: Enrich your presentations with ready-made designs from Show's Gallery

Spotlight series #2: Enrich your presentations with ready-made designs from Show's Gallery

Hi All! 

Welcome back to our Spotlight series for Zoho Show. In case you have missed our earlier post in the series, you can find it here.   
In today's post, we'll discuss the Gallery feature in Show's Listing page. 
Zoho Show's Gallery offers wide range of pre-designed ThemesTemplates, and Slides to help you get started creating presentations. You just have to fill in your text and visuals in the template's placeholders. This way, you hardly have to spend time and effort designing your slides. 
Your presentations are saved in the Created by me section. From here, you can share them with the team to reuse and collaborate on. You can also download and export them in Zoho Show supported file formats (including PPT, PPTX, and PDF). 

Picking the right design preset can help create a greater impact on your audience. 

Themes to enhance readability in presentations 

Want to quickly create a presentation for your last-minute meeting? Pick a theme from our Gallery in Show without worrying about colors, fonts, and slide backgrounds. Themes provide consistency in presentations. Just fill in your content, and you're good to go—meaning you can save time and effort you'd normal use to find the right colors and fonts for your presentation. 
Using a particular theme in a presentation helps improve brand recognition. For instance, if your branding uses a particular set of blue colors, it is ideal to use a similar blue preset. You can further customize the font and color scheme of the theme. This makes your presentation appearance unified with your branding. 
You can also change the color scheme of your graphics and borders to fit the aesthetic of your slides. 
Show offers themes for different aspect ratios as well. They come with their own set of font and color schemes. 

When you switch between themes, your content and formatting will remain intact. However, the slide layouts will change based on the theme you choose. For instance, if you change from the Theatrical to the Elegance theme, the positioning of your placeholders will be different. However, your content will adapt to the new background (including schemes) and stay within its designated frames.  

While selecting a Theme, you can access:

  • Aspect Ratios: The drop-down in the top-right corner allows you to choose between Wide and Normal screen presets. Currently there are twenty-six presets for Wide and ten for Normal 
  • Preview: You can view five different layouts for the chosen theme at the top of the right panel. You also have a tooltip describing the theme
  • Font and Color Scheme: Currently, Themes offer twenty-six fonts and color types for every preset. You can change the scheme using the drop-downs in the right panel

You can also select themes using the New Presentation option on the Listing page. 

Templates to reuse presentations  

Templates in Show are designed for different presentation purposes and needs with specific patterns and themes to maintain uniqueness. For instance, to deliver a session on project objectives in your company, you can use the Digital Strategy template. Likewise, to promote business and gain more customers, you can go with a template like the Marketing Pitch option. After creating these presentations, you can easily store and share them within your organization for future reference. This helps you and your team deliver quality work in a short time, improving brand recognition. 

While selecting a Template, you can access:

  • Categories: The drop-down in the top-right corner, allows you to choose a template type like MarketingHREducation, and so on. Currently, Show offers more than five presets for each category
  • Preview: Select a template to view its designs and layouts in the right preview panel. The length of the presentation depends on subject complexity. You can therefore, add or delete slides in the Editor

Slides to create dynamic presentations 

Want to create colorful marketing materials like banners, pamphlets, and brochures? From Show's Gallery, you can access a wide range of Slides with different designs. You no longer have to add and edit slide Masters to have multiple backgrounds. Instead, directly pick presets to use them in Show. For instance, insert Slides to show product advertisements, quotes, offers, deals, promos, webinars and other announcements. 

While selecting a Slide, you can access:

  • Categories: The drop-down in the top-right corner allows you to choose a presentation type like Cover Slide, Comparison Slide, Image Slide, and more. Currently, Show offers more than twenty-five designs for each category
  • Preview: As you pick a slide, it is marked with a check mark and appears in the right (preview) panel. Here, you can view its layout and design. If satisfied, you can save the preset, or you can reject it from the panel. You can either select it again or click its cross button in the preview panel to remove it

Once you are happy with the layout and appeal of ThemesTemplates, or Slides, enter a title for your presentation and click Create Presentation. The presentation will then open in the Show Editor.  You can also include more Slides using the Gallery option in the bottom-left corner of the Editor. Replace the slide's placeholders with your content and change the default images using the Change Image icon. Modify your decks further using the Format panel.
Give Show's Gallery options a try today! Quickly grab a design of your choice for free and get your Show started. 

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