Spotligtht #04: Mobile Apps for Zoho WorkDrive

Spotligtht #04: Mobile Apps for Zoho WorkDrive

Hello everyone,

We are back again highlighting another valuable feature on the spotlight series for Zoho WorkDrive.

Zoho WorkDrive is a content collaboration platform to help teams store, share, manage, and work together on files of any size. In this article, we’ll focus on how you can use the Zoho WorkDrive Mobile App for iOS and Android and contribute to your team no matter where you are. 
Mobile devices are the new laptops. From organizations to individual users, cloud storage is essential in ensuring you and your team have more than enough storage space and can access your data remotely.  With Zoho WorkDrive's Mobile App, customize what you want to save in WorkDrive, what you want backed up, as well as what to restore from backup if needed.
  • Files on the go  

    We designed Zoho WorkDrive app’s UI so users can take advantage of every feature.  Create a Private or Public Team Folder and add a file from your computer at work. You can also add members and set permissions from your phone while waiting to board a flight, and finish working on the file from your laptop in your hotel room. 
  • Share Instantly 

    When it comes to file sharing we have endless options. Zoho WorkDrive's primary focus is sharing files securely. You can share your files with your team members directly from the app, and also set files to be available offline per your convenience. 
  • Fast syncing 

    Users can conveniently and seamlessly access Zoho WorkDrive to, backup and restore any file across every device.The app allows you to track the latest version of your files directly from your smartphone, and any changes made in the files or folders on one device are immediately available on your other ones.
  • Collaborate in real time 

    The Zoho WorkDrive app provides a clutter-free interface so you can collaborate, organize, share, and work on files together in real time. You also stay up-to-date on all changes with instant mobile notifications. 
Contribute to your team's work no matter where you are, with Zoho WorkDrive apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.
Please follow WorkDrive's Community to stay connected and updated on every product update in the series. 

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