Tips to jazz up your forms for the holiday season

Tips to jazz up your forms for the holiday season

Hello fellow form builders, 

In this holiday season, businesses are trying out new ways to connect with their customers. With most of the businesses shifting to a digital form, it would be great to have your forms speak your brand's story every time. Check out our 5-part series of ways to get the most out of your forms.

1. Getting forms ready for the holiday season 

Customizing forms to fit your branding for your holiday events can improve conversions and leave customers with a great form filling experience. Check out the 5 tips on how to prepare your forms for the holiday events.  

2. Using RSVP to gather attendees

Hosting virtual events, parties or concerts? Make the process easier by sending online invitation forms to communicate effectively and drum up the excitement. Check out the article on how to gather data with holiday themed RSVPs.

3. Creating effective data collection 

Holidays are prime data collection seasons and getting overwhelmed by it can be easy. Check out the article on the 5 ways businesses can use online forms to manage data in their various business process.

4.  Personalizing donor experience 

Looking to reach a larger audience for more donations this holiday season? Take a look at the article on how to design online donation forms and increase the collection amount for your cause.

5. Adapting social distancing 

In the recent times, many businesses are ending direct form of contact with customers. Check out the few ideas on how online forms can replace face-to-face activities while increasing efficiency

That's all for now - let us know what you think in the comments below! 

Happy holidays! 

If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to comment below or drop us an email at

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