Unable to perform partial Item Name searches in Sales Orders and Invoices

Unable to perform partial Item Name searches in Sales Orders and Invoices


One of the things I sometimes find myself aggravated by is that I typically want to find all of the sales orders or invoices for which a particular *type* of item is listed.

In its current form, I can select a specific item from a drop down list (which, I might add, tends to be somewhat arduous and impractical once you have a certain number of items in your inventory), and find one that you want to search for within your sales orders or invoices.

The problem is that while there are certainly cases when I want to locate sales orders based on an exact matching item, it's more often the case that I want to find all the sales orders for purchases that included "Power Cables", for which there are 35 different variant.  Or Ceramic Heaters for which there are 90 different variants.

Similarly an apparel retailer is less likely going to want to search for one shirt of a specific size and color, but instead will want to find all sales orders with all items of a specific style in all sizes and colors.

This of course means that instead of "is" and "is not" would be accompanied by "contains" and "does not contain" as other match criteria.


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