What's new on Zoho Social for Instagram

What's new on Zoho Social for Instagram

Hey everyone,

Today, I have some exciting news for those of you who use Instagram for your marketing. You can now do a LOT more with Zoho Social for Instagram. 

We've brought back some of our popular Instagram features that were temporarily rolled back due to API deprecation.

Let's take a look at the update:

Hashtag Search is back!

This is one of the most important features from Instagram and now you can use it right within your Monitor tab by setting up your own columns.

Although Instagram lets you follow hashtags natively in the mobile app, it can get pretty overwhelming to follow multiple hashtags in a single feed intermixed with posts from the people you follow. Creating hashtag search columns in the Monitor tab lets you focus on what matters to you in the moment.

On the Hashtag Search column, you can also sort between top and recent posts so you can choose what kind of posts you want to see under that hashtag. 

With the Hashtag Search columns, you can
- discover posts that feature your customers using your products.
- find content that you would like to repost (more info later on this post!)
- stay on top of what's visually trending in your industry

Pro tip: If you have unique hashtags associated with your brand, you can track posts around them using Hashtag Search!

Reposting is back!

Newly, with Zoho Social, you can directly repost photos and videos!

You can repost photos and videos to your Instagram feed, which means there's so much you can do with it for your business—you can repost testimonial posts from your loyal fans, repost from customers who have talked about your product, repost posts from brands that you have partnered with and many more.

You may have noticed, earlier, that you couldn't interact with an Instagram post from the Live Stream . But not anymore!

Now just head to Live Stream, click on an update, you can post comments.

On the threaded view, Zoho Social now lets you view entire conversations for Instagram updates on Live Stream.
This feature can be used to post comments and engage with your audience as soon as you get an update.

Now you will receive notifications as soon as you receive comments on a post.

You will also be able to view and post comments directly from a notification. Here too, you can reply and delete comments, all just from within the notification popup. As soon as you receive a notification, you can open it anywhere from within Zoho Social. You can post a response right away.

You don't need to go to the Instagram app to do that anymore. Impress your fans by acknowledging engagements quickly.
Here's how an Instagram notification opens:

To get an extensive view of each post, with details such as like count and comments, just click on the post when you see it on your Home Screen or from the Published Posts tab.

The Post Detail View also enables you to engage with your audience by commenting, replying to them. In addition, you can also delete any unwanted comments.

The Post Details window looks like this:

Please note that these features can only be accessed with an Instagram Business Profile that has a connected Facebook Page . If you haven't switched to an Instagram business profile yet, you might want to learn how to make the switch.

We hope you enjoy these Instagram updates as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you! If you have questions or feedback for us, feel free to drop us a comment here or tweet to us @ZohoSocial.

See you another date, with another update!

Drishya S N,
Marketer, Zoho Social.

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