5 powerful ways to boost e-commerce customer engagement with Zobot

5 powerful ways to boost e-commerce customer engagement with Zobot

E-commerce has been a game changer for the past decade. It has drastically influenced the way people purchase. This pandemic broke all the existing rules by embracing automation and making the customer experience more personalized. Chatbots play a crucial role in automation as it focuses on conversational marketing. Over the last two years, chatbots in the e-commerce business have become popular due to their 2-way communication with customers. If you're looking to find out how chatbots help the e-commerce business, look no further. This post will help you to explore how to use SalesIQ's chatbot (Zobot) in different ways and increase sales and retention. 
Emerging trends in e-commerce:
  •  Personalized way of marketing and engagement. 
  •  Making the shopping experience more flexible. 
  •  Providing instant support 
With the increased demands and competition, you have to find a way to meet your customers' expectations and needs. Zobot provides a strong engagement strategy as it acts as a new channel to drive more sales by recommendation, instant support, and more. In addition, it leverages the concept of conversational commerce. Now that we know how the trends have evolved let's explore how to use Zobot and engage in a smart way. 
Providing personalized suggestions and offers:
Visitors/customers may find it difficult or feel lost as there are countless options for similar products. Even though there is a way to sort and filter, it's still hard to decide. So, providing personalized suggestions based on their visitors' interests and tastes would help them avoid confusion and focus on what they really want. 
However, personalization requires data. Zobot can help to capture information about visitors' interests and preferences from recent purchases, chats, activities, and more. Then, you can provide a personalized recommendation to your visitors using the Criteria router and link cards. 

Similarly, you can provide customized offers to your visitors based on their recent activities on the site, CRM lead score, location, and more. For example, suppose a visitor is visiting one particular product more than ten times. In that case, you can give them 5% to 10% off and convert them. 
Available 24/7:
A recent survey states that around 46% of customers would like to talk to an expert before making a purchase. That's because the concept of buying has changed completely. In the olden days, we would go to a store, see the product, feel it, question it, and finally make a purchase. But it's entirely upside down with online shopping. Zobots can help visitors talk with your operators instantly at any time based on the operator's availability. 

Zobot can stay available 24/7 throughout the year. They will assist and engage with every single visitor simultaneously without missing anyone. They go an extra mile and take messages for you when operators are unavailable. With our new addition, the autopilot (NLP functionality), lets Zobot answer all the general, routine questions and save your operators time for only complex problems. 

Recover abandonment carts:
One of the significant problems in the e-commerce business is cart abandonment during checkouts. The possible reasons might be, 
  1. Additional costs such as taxes, shipping charges
  2. Lack of information (Return policy/estimated delivery date)
  3. Complicated checkout process
  4. Inadequate payment methods
  5. Less pricing availability 
These are not the only reasons for cart abandonment. People often get distracted easily and forget about the cart. Zobots can help with three to four problems listed above. They can proactively remind visitors about the cart and necessary details when visiting again. You can go a step ahead and offer some discounts while checking out. This way, visitors are likely to end up checking out their cart.

With the Plugs in the Codeless bot builder, you can check if there is any product listed on their cart and if yes, you can trigger a reminder to your visitors. 

Manage your orders:
Zobot comes in handy for managing orders. They can pull information about your order status and help track your orders by providing tracking URLs. Furthermore, they can change the shipping/billing address, request to postpone delivery dates, and even cancel/return the orders (if your service supports them). 

If your wish-listed or interested product goes out of stock, Zobot will notify you when the stock is available during your visits. 
Other advantages:
  •  Zobots are great at collecting feedback. Using a feedback widget, you can set them to capture product ratings and reviews within seconds.    
  • They act as an excellent way to showcase your offers and deals! You can even set them proactively and let your visitors know about your great deals. 
  • They can be also help in up-selling. For example, they can recommend mobile cases when you buy a phone. 
Here is a webinar recording exclusively for building zobot for e-commerce businesses.  Use Zobots, engage with your visitors in a smart way, and power up your e-commerce business. 

Sasidar Thandapani

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