Advanced CRM Analytics, Powered by Zoho Reports

Advanced CRM Analytics, Powered by Zoho Reports

Zoho CRM gives the complete picture of your customers. It also gives you Reports & Dashboards that help you analyze your data. But, when it comes to taking those tough business decisions, you need to 'slice and dice' the data so that it gives you meaningful inferences.  

Zoho CRM now offers the Advanced CRM Analytics, powered by Zoho Reports, to all Enterprise Edition users. With this integration, you can create insightful intelligence reports & dashboards that drive decision making in your organization.

Here's a typical scenario of how a Sales Manager can use this integration:

Now the question may loom: Zoho CRM already has standard reports and dashboards. So, how do you benefit from Advanced CRM Analytics?

The answer lies in the extent to which you want to analyze your data. Sales and Marketing managers require more than just creating reports & dashboards. The data needs to be thoroughly broken down to identify growth rates (say MoM or YoY) by creating pivot charts and by trend analysis. Advanced CRM Analytics makes your CRM data available in Zoho Reports so that you can gain insights from your customer information.

Learn more about this integration in our  Online Help.

Go ahead, try this integration and let us know what you think.

- Sharanya R
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