App Spotlight: Verified WhatsApp business for Zoho CRM by Woztell

App Spotlight: Verified WhatsApp business for Zoho CRM by Woztell

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Verified WhatsApp business for Zoho CRM by Woztell 

Integrate your WhatsApp business account with Zoho CRM to send, receive, and track messages. This extension enables you to use bulk message templates, block spam numbers, and read and analyze your agents' replies for internal training and quality assurance. Create workflows in Zoho CRM to automate responses and more. 



Business needs 

Businesses looking to implement WhatsApp for their sales teams or those that already handle leads and clients through WhatsApp must consider these aspects to streamline workflows. 

  • When sales teams use personal numbers to contact customers, businesses lose control of what is being communicated with potential clients.
  • There can be a miss in reporting activities back to Zoho CRM, since the business communication is continued on WhatsApp. 
  • When chat threads are separate from CRM, you can't set workflows and reminders, so client follow-ups and other tasks can get difficult to handle through WhatsApp. 


Connect your WhatsApp business account to Zoho CRM and 

  • Have all your conversations with your clients in one single tool, improving your chances of making new deals and enhancing the relationship with your customers. 
  • Implement the chatbot using the integration and focus on serious customers. 
  • Allow your entire team to use the company WhatsApp account, eliminate the use of personal numbers, and establish a stronger brand image among your customers. 
  • Coordinate with different teams in the same conversation thread, while the client only sees the messages you choose for them to see.  
  • WhatsApp chat history will get duplicated and saved in the respective client profile in Zoho CRM for future reference. 
  • Automate answers, activities, tasks, and events on the basis of the messages received by creating workflows in Zoho CRM. 


  • Create a WhatsApp dashboard inside Zoho CRM and measure each agent's activity, to keep an eye on productivity. 
  • Have all your client data from all your various modes of communication in one place. 
  • Empower your team to easily reach out to your customers and collaborate better. 


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