Email Snooze and Reminders

Email Snooze and Reminders

To the business world, email communication is a major part of its daily hustle.  There would be so many crucial email interactions and important email follow-ups that it's tough to keep track of all of them in one's mind or even in a notebook. Even with digital notes, we would have to switch between applications constantly and that can quickly become irksome. So, to manage all your emails and tasks from a single interface, Zoho Mail has brought in two special agents- Email Snooze and Reminders.

Email Snooze   

There would be emails which grab your attention but you might not be able to go through them immediately (for example, promotional emails, details about a registered event, etc). However, such emails can fill up your inbox so fast that there's a good chance you might miss a critical business-related email as it would struggle to make itself seen.

With Zoho Mail's Email Snooze, you can quickly transfer those emails you'd like to attend later to a separate folder, and view them at your convenience.  At the scheduled time, they appear at the top of the original folder and you can check them out freely. By snoozing emails, you de-clutter your inbox, retaining only the high-priority emails inside it. You also get to customize the Snooze preset values for a faster setup.

Email Reminders

Critical emails like client follow-ups, team updates, and sending proposals need reminders, sometimes at certain time intervals. With Zoho Mail's Email Reminders, you can quickly set a reminder for your vital emails by clicking on the Reminder icon available near an email.

To ensure you always keep tabs on those emails, Zoho's Email Reminders lets you set specific times/deadline dates, enable reminder notifications based on email responses, and even facilitate reminders for the other email recipients.

General Reminders

Personal to-dos like a doctor's appointment or being at your child's parent-teacher conference also need reminders. You can manage both your personal and official errands in Zoho Mail using Reminders.
Tap on the Reminder icon, specify your tasks, assign a time for each, and get notified of them at the scheduled time.

We hope that these features will help you stay on top of your emails and stay productive. We'll be back with updates on other new features soon. In the meanwhile,  try out the features mentioned in this post and l
eave your feedback, ask your questions and keep the conversations going on our forum. You can also follow us on Twitter for other regular updates.

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