Multi-video feed in webinars, custom domain options, and our integration with MS Outlook

Multi-video feed in webinars, custom domain options, and our integration with MS Outlook

Hi there,
We hope you're doing well. With your help, we have been able to release many useful features and enhancements in 2020. We, the Zoho Meeting team, would like to thank you all for the feedback, support, and encouragement you've given as we worked to scale Zoho Meeting into a fully fledged web conferencing software for remote work. Let's take a look at the previous month's product updates.

Webinar updates
  • Multi-video feed: Organizers and co-organizers can now share their live video feeds to webinar attendees along with the webinar presentation.
  • Search, sort, and filter:  You can now search and sort your webinar attendee list. You can also filter the attendees who have raised their hands or have been allowed to talk in the webinar.

  • New notifications:  
    • If a user tries to speak while their microphone is muted, Zoho Meeting will now show a notification to remind them they're muted.
    • Attendees are notified when their question is answered in the Q&A tab.
    • Organizers and co-organizers are notified for new raised hands, and attendees are notified when the organizer lowers the raised hand.
  • We have added UI improvements for better user experience. 
Bug Fixes
Inactive links: An issue that rendered links shared in the Q&A tab non-clickable has been fixed.

Meeting updates
New integration
Outlook plugin: We have released a new plugin for MS Outlook that lets users conduct scheduled and instant meetings from their MS Outlook account.
  • Password-protection: Passwords are now enabled by default for all meetings.
  • Audio check: We now show a pop-up informing the user whether audio is received or not when a new device is plugged in.
  • Audio state retention: If a user gets disconnected from a meeting and then reconnects, the original audio state (muted/unmuted) will be maintained.
  • Membership authentication for presenters: Only users invited and approved by the admin as organization members can be added as presenters of meetings.
  • Presenters of a meeting are now displayed as 'Hosts' in the Attendees list.
  • UI improvements for better user experience
Bug Fixes
  • Camera setting mismatch: The issue allowing presenters to change audio conferencing sessions into video conferencing sessions even when the option to use camera was disabled in Organization settings has been fixed.
  • Editing/deleting recurring meetings: When single instances of recurring meetings were edited or deleted from mobile, it affected all the meetings in the series. This has been resolved.
  • Calendar sync: The issue of calendar details not getting updated when a recurring meetings is edited or deleted has been fixed.
  • The issue causing multiple emails to be sent if a participant is invited to a recurring meeting has been resolved.
  • The issue of participants' names being listed in the emails sent for recurring meetings has been resolved.
  • When a meeting is added to a user's calendar, the time of the session will now be visible in the user's local timezone.
  • The issue causing the RSVP tab to disappear in Gmail calendar has been resolved.
  • UI issues with video feed, top toolbar, and scroll button have been fixed.
  • Audio state mismatches have been fixed.
Common updates
Custom domain: Users can now customize the Zoho Meeting domain name ( to a domain name of their choice for brand promotion and product credibility. Learn more about custom domains in Meeting.
When a user is deleted from an organization, ownership of all meetings and webinars created by them will be automatically transferred to super admin.
Try out these new updates and let us know your feedback! Write to us at
We wish you all a wonderful new year.
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