Now, color code meetings in Zoho CRM's Calendar, list and related views (Feature released globally)

Now, color code meetings in Zoho CRM's Calendar, list and related views (Feature released globally)

Color coding comes in handy to organize your calendar in Zoho CRM. It makes it easier for multiple sales reps in an organization to keep track of what they have in store for their week, month, and business cycle. By helping differentiate between types of meetings, it makes it easier for sales reps who have multiple bookings in their calendar week. Request for early access to this feature by filling this form (Closed now, feature made available for all). 

- Access this feature under customization > modules and fields > meetings > fields 

- Choose a pick-list field that you'd like color coding to be based on (ensure the picklist has 20 options or less, and that you have admin privileges for this action)

- Edit and assign color codings that work best for your sales schedules

- Feel free to assign colors to the picklist values or choose custom colors of your liking under preferences. This can be done under calendar preferences. 

- Individual users will be able to change and assign their own color coding preferences as well

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