App Spotlight: Leaflet for Zoho CRM

App Spotlight: Leaflet for Zoho CRM

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Leaflet for Zoho CRM
Leaflet empowers users to draft documents faster, more efficiently, and with greater compliance. Users can use pre-automated forms, answer questions, and generate dynamic agreements with the click of a button.

Business needs
  • Legal departments are overwhelmed with the amount of administrative tasks filling their workdays and taking time away from higher-priority activities. 
  • These mundane tasks drain focus from attorneys and contract managers, and they increase turnaround time for documents and negotiations. 
  • Many of these tasks include reviewing simple documents that require little to no adjustment and feedback. 
  • In many cases, delays and non-compliance can be directly attributed to mistakes when inputting document variables or a lack of oversight to ensure the most up-to-date document is used to complete a transaction. 

Leaflet for Zoho CRM provides a solution to all of those problems. 
  • Leaflet allows users to create permission-controlled, custom document portals (Microsites) that ensure users start with the correct document and can only change variables based on your internal positions, policies, and stances. 
  • Leaflet automatically populates contract variables with information directly from Zoho CRM, saving you time and ensuring that the correct information is populated in each field every time. 
  • Leaflet’s Customize and Clause Library empowers your team to bring automation and playbooks into every aspect of the drafting process, including utilizing Leaflet’s toolset within Microsoft Word.  

  • With Leaflet, you can draft documents significantly faster, increasing the time you have available to spend on high-value matters. 
  • Leaflet’s permission-controlled microsite portals give you peace of mind knowing that your teams are only using the most up-to-date, compliant version of a document. 
  • Built-in integrations with Zoho CRM and Zoho Sign give you the ability to create, sign, and execute documents from a single login and without ever leaving Zoho. 
  • Using Zoho CRM’s data with Leaflet’s Document Automation empowers you to draft quicker, more efficiently, and with more compliance than ever before. Data integration allows you to immediately populate complex documents, send them out for eSignature, and return those signed documents directly to the CRM system.  

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