The month that was at Zoho Workplace| May 2022

The month that was at Zoho Workplace| May 2022

Hello Community!

Hope you're all doing good and staying safe. The month of May has brought you numerous enhancements and feature updates across the products of Zoho Workplace.

Let's have a look at them!

Zoho Mail

It's now much easier to preview email templates!

To preview your templates, you no longer need to open them from the templates folder. Simply click on the Preview icon in the template listing, to get a preview of your template.

Reply with templates in few clicks!

Save time by not having to compose the same content for every reply email you send. With only a few clicks, you can create a template and use it to reply to emails. Know more.

Mark reports as favourites in Admin Console for easy access

Have trouble navigating across numerous sections to access a specific organization report each time? Don't be worried. You can now mark a report as a favorite and access it from the My Favorite Reports section without having to sail through all of the sections. Check out!

Zoho Calendar

Allow forwarding of events in Zoho Calendar

Simply click a checkbox when creating an event to allow attendees to forward an event invite to which they are a part of. This will help you in hosting an open event where attendees can forward and invite their friends to an event in which they are participating. Learn more.

Calendar comes handy as a widget in your mailbox

Zoho Calendar is now available in Zoho Mail as an RHS widget. You can use the widget to view the day's events and the month's agenda. You can also use the widget to quickly add, edit, and delete events from your calendar. Explore!

Zoho Cliq

Managers can now view their reportee's attendance

Managers can now check their reportee's weekly and monthly attendance reports of the reportees can now be checked by managers from Cliq. Here's how: Click on your reportee's profile picture and select Attendance.

Cliq brings remote work utilities in iOS!

Users can now quickly check-in / checkout and set their remote work status from Cliq iOS devices.

Zoho Writer

Handy extensions to publish articles directly from Writer

Copy-pasting content from Writer into the publishing platforms is a thing of the past. You can now post your articles and blog posts directly from Writer to Medium, Zoho Connect, Sites, and Desk. Learn more.

Zoho WorkDrive

Collaborate using annotations in Videos!

Annotations in Zoho WorkDrive can enhance your video collaboration experience. You can now add comments with a corresponding timestamp to any frame in a video and the collaborators can easily track comments by timestamp, add replies, and make necessary changes. Know more.

Skim through chapters!

Video chapters help you break a video into multiple sections and add captions for each, so viewers can see what's covered in the video, and quickly jump to the topic they're interested in. Read on!

Make external links more secure!

Team admins can make external share links created by their team more secure now by adding extra security with the settings below:

Enforce passwords for external share links

Mandate users to set passwords for all external share links. You can also set a strong password policy for extra security.

Default expiration period for external share links

Set a default expiration period for all external share links and download links to restrict unwanted access. If set, the default expiration period will be applied automatically, and users can choose to manually change or disable the expiration date as needed.

Zoho Meeting

Consent's important!

A security setting has been introduced in Zoho Meeting that obtains consent from participants who join a recorded meeting.

Co-hosts for assistance!

You can now add co-hosts to meetings you host while they're in progress!

Zoho Sheet

Simplify your spreadsheets by grouping them!

Zoho Sheet's new grouping feature helps you create crisp summaries of voluminous data sets with cascading, multi-layered data chunks that are much easier to comprehend than a plain table. Learn more.

Try out these new features and enhancements, then share your feedback in the comments!

Watch this space for regular updates. Until then stay safe, happy and secure!

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