Automate reservations and drive incremental revenue and engagement with the hotel Zobot

Automate reservations and drive incremental revenue and engagement with the hotel Zobot

If you are a part of the hospitality industry, you know how important customer engagement is. Keeping hotel guests engaged and comfortable has always been an uphill task and this task would be nearly impossible without actually connecting with your guests to ascertain what they would like. The Zobot for the hotel industry completely redefines a hotel’s guest experience by keeping your guests engaged right from pre-booking to post-departure while also helping them solve their check-in/out issues. These Zobots can render hyper-personalized recommendations to your guests based on their behaviour and preferences and help them order food. Let's look into the features and functionalities of this Zobot in detail. 

Bot Requirements: 

  • Initiate chat/ Trigger a welcome message.
  • Display the list of hotels available based on visitors' location.
  • Book tables at restaurants for visitors.
  • Help visitors order food online.

  • Make hotel reservations for visitors

  • Forward visitor chats to corresponding departments.

Zobot Capabilities: 

It can collect visitor details, give them hotel and restaurant suggestions, eases online food ordering and also connects the visitors on your website to the different departments available inside your organization based on their requirements.

  • Live Chat Transfer: Your prospects can ask the bot to transfer their chats to one of the support representatives of your organization at any time. The Zobot provides an option to do so inside the chat window itself.
  • Schedules meetings: The Zobot can get your visitors' company details and preferred time slots and fix meetings for them with operators of your organization using the Calendar widget.

  • Keep prospects updated: The Zobot captures the prospects' information like name and email address and based on the requirements, it keeps them informed about offers and festive discounts at hotels.

  • Makes reservations:  It makes reservations at hotels and table bookings at restaurants based on visitor preferences and comfort.

  • Guest Profiling and Tailored Promotions: It gains valuable knowledge about your customers’ preferences and habits, helps you create a better, accurate, and proper system of guest profiling thus providing them with offers that are tailored to their needs. This way, you can create personalized offers that will ensure guest loyalty.
  • Feedback management: Data collected from chatbots can help you improve and enhance your services as you will be aware of what your guests dislike and the things they like; the latest consumer trends; the information they find hard to understand, etc. 

How does this Zobot work? 

  • When a visitor lands on the website and matches the trigger criteria, the bot will trigger a welcome message along with the main menu.
  • Once the bot receives a message from the website visitor, the message handler starts executing where visitors are reactively engaged. All questions from the visitor are handled in the Message Handler.  
  • The combination of messages received from the website visitor will be analysed and stored in the code in the context handler, and the bot will respond to the visitors based on the question they receive from the available answers. The Context handler is also where all the necessary connections are created and invoked. The following are the connections inside the Q&A bot:  

Bot Flow:


How to create this bot? 

  • Navigate to Settings > Zobot > Create bot. Add a name, description, choose the website and preferred departments.
  • Set trigger criteria and enable business hours and operator handoff based on your requirements.
  • Now, copy the code and paste it inside each handler- Trigger, Message, and Context.
  • Save the script in all the handlers and then publish the bot and it will be ready to assist visitors on your website.
Here's a quick and brief video on how this Zobot works. Jump right into our Resources Section and learn more about the Zobot. You can also take a look at our Sample Scripts here .

Happy Zoboting!


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