Zoho Developer Community Monthly Digest - September 2023

Zoho Developer Community Monthly Digest - September 2023

Hello everyone!

As we step into the crisp and colorful month of October, it's time to take a step back to reflect on the fantastic month of September. In this month's issue, we have curated exciting updates, insightful articles, interesting community discussions, and helpful resources to keep you at the forefront of the Zoho Developer Community. Let's dive right in!

One of the major developments in the Developer Community arena is the newly revamped Zoho Developer Community websitewhere we've consolidated all the resources from the developer community learning series into a centralized hub for your convenient access. Consider bookmarking this site to stay informed about the latest updates in the developer community.

International Programmers' Day

September is special for us tech enthusiasts, as it hosts a significant day that celebrates something near and dear to our hearts - International Programmers' Day!

Zoho Creator Developers' Summit

At Zoho, we celebrated Programmers in style by hosting the Zoho Creator Developers' Meetup in our Chennai HQ. This meetup left a profound impact on all who attended. Developers were treated to a deep dive into the world of low-code development, gaining insights from our Developer Community members and Zoho Creator Champions @Deepa Govind and @Radha R. This celebration empowered developers with both knowledge and valuable connections poised to drive innovation.

Developers' Ask Me Anything

We organized an exclusive AMA session on LinkedIn to commemorate International Programmers' Day, featuring our CEO Sridhar Vembu. He provided detailed and insightful answers to a wide range of questions on all things technology and low-code development. Watch the enlightening conversation here.

Upcoming Events

Here are the exciting events lined up for the community in the coming weeks:
  1. Zobot 101In this five-part online webinar series that started on August 24, learn all about Zobot – Zoho SalesIQ's AI -powered chatbot builder platform – and explore the ways to leverage its capabilities effectively for your business. For registration and more details, click here.

  2. Zoho Developer Hangout 10: Our Developer Community member, @Eric Chrobak - CRM Engineer at Vaspian - will delve into error handling in Deluge, debugging and testing on October 17. He will also discuss best practices when using services such as Zoho Catalyst, GCP, AWS, and other serverless functions with an API. To register and know more about this meetup, click here.

  3. Zoho Cliq for Developers 101: Zoho Cliq for Developers 101 is a three-part webinar series starting October 19, curated to provide a comprehensive understanding of Zoho Cliq's Development platform and its various components such as slash commands, bots, widgets, and more. Click here for registration and more details.

  4. Creator Tech Connect Series: Creator's tech connect series would comprise of technical sessions that provide immersive training on the key essentials and technical nuances of building a solution in Zoho Creator. This is a great opportunity for our developer community to stay informed about Creator's new feature releases, product roadmap, best practices to follow while scripting in deluge, new deluge concepts, cloud functions and the most awaited feature "Canvas Builder." Click here for more information

    Date: October 12th, 2023

    Topic: Technical Series - Cloud Functions in Zoho Creator

    APAC & ANZ - 11 AM to 12 PM IST - Registration Link

    Americas & EMEA - 9 PM to 10 PM IST - Registration Link

  5. Creator Learning Table Series: This series is designed to provide users with valuable insights and knowledge about Creator's capabilities in various business use cases and applications. This year we've adopted the "12 Months, 12 Industries" concept. Each month, we will focus on a specific industry, illustrating its unique processes with real-time business scenarios and how to make best use of Creator for that industry.

Date: October 5th, 2023

Topic: Learning Table Series For Insurance 

APAC & ANZ - 11 AM to 12 PM IST - Registration Link

Americas & EMEA - 9 PM to 10 PM IST - Registration Link

September Highlights

Besides International Programmers' Day celebrations, September also brought forth other notable events.

Zoho in Sync with Apple's Latest Updates

Zoho is always quick to embrace latest Apple tech in our Mobile apps, making it a breeze for our users to manage their businesses on their devices. Discover our latest and high-quality updates here.

Zoho Developer Hangout - Episode 9

Our community member @cmowers, Developer and Zoho Team Lead at AspenTech CRM, shared expert tips on Client Script implementation in Zoho CRM. Client Script is a dynamic feature introduced within Zoho CRM designed to achieve and extend real-time business cases through customization. 

Zobot 101

In the third session of the Zobot 101 series, @Radha RFounder & CEO of Spikra - Zoho's Premium Partner, graciously shared her bot-building journeyShe provided valuable insights into the do's and don'ts, shared best practices, some handy hacks, and expertly addressed all questions, aiding the community to kick-start their own Zobot journeys.

Community Discussions

Zoho Developer Forum

  • Discussions about the implementation of Client Scripts are continuing within the Zoho CRM Developer Series: Client Script announcement post. This post serves as a valuable resource for developers who are exploring Client Scripts in Zoho CRM.

  • Wondering how to update date/time field with the current time on page load using Client Script? @Bhoomi Joshi and @Haiku Technical Support has got you covered in this post.

  • When @Benjamin Höhner encountered difficulties while attempting to set up a custom function to auto update Deal name on create/edit, our MVP @Hugh Marshall identified the problem and provided assistance in resolving it in this post.

  • Take a look at the suggestions and codes shared by @Haiku Technical Support and @Nik to tackle date format discrepancies in @Frederik Samberg's Client Script use case. 

  • Want to know how to store data between events using Client Script? Check how @Federico got a solution from @Haiku Technical Support.

Developers ZUG Cliq Channel

Note: These conversations are confined to the Developers ZUG Cliq channel members. If you're keen on becoming a part of this space, please fill in this onboarding form to receive your invitation to join the channel.
  • Learn how to add validation to the user field to restrict record ownership to specific users using Client Script in this conversation.
  • Can you use Zoho as an Identity Provider for third-party websites? Explore the possibility in this discussion.

  • Looking for a way to fetch the actual "true available stock" that accounts for committed stock using the Zoho Inventory API? Go through this discussion to find out how.

Resource Spotlight

  • #Simple yet significant pointers Check out these posts for simple fixes for some common mistakes that are frequently made while building Zoho CRM extensions.
  • Zoho CRM Developer Updates: 
  • Kaizen: This series aims to benefit developers to gain insights into the various developer tools available in CRM.
    • Kaizen #100: A significant landmark calls for a special Q & A post. This post contains responses from our product experts to the queries posed by the community members.
    • Kaizen #101: This post is the extended version of the previous Kaizen post and contains answers to the questions on Assignment Rules and Widgets
    • Kaizen #102: To accommodate the myriad of queries, this post is also dedicated to the responses for all the remaining questions posed by the community members.
    • Kaizen #103: This post explores Bulk Write API in detail, and how to implement it using Zoho CRM PHP SDK.
    • Kaizen #104As a continuation of the previous Kaizen post, this post guides you to create a bulk write job, fetch the job status, and download the results.
    • Kaizen #105: This post discusses Functions, Integration Tasks and API Credits.

Community Spotlight

ZDH Speakers

The contributions of our ZDH presenters have been instrumental in the success of the this segment. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their efforts.

As a continuation of featuring a ZDH presenter each month, this time, we would like to introduce our second ZDH presenter, Jesus Sosa. Explore this post to discover the knowledge and insights he shared with the community. 

Cliq Contributors

The Developers ZUG Cliq channel has consistently served as the primary hub for community members seeking technical assistance and engaging in savvy discussions. Here are our top contributors who have gone the extra mile to support and assist the Zoho Developer Community:

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all our community contributors. Your commitment, expertise, and the time you invest are invaluable to the community. 

For those who are new to the Zoho Developer Community, check out this post to get started. 

We appreciate you dedicating your time to peruse this month's digest. Make sure to follow the digest each month for the most recent insights and conversations. Stay connected and participate in the forums to be featured in the upcoming month's digest. Wishing you a fantastic month ahead!

Happy coding!


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