Zoho's ridiculous limitations

Zoho's ridiculous limitations

Zoho, I just tried to send mass emails (2000) and I noticed some limitations. 

I noticed I couldn't select all 2000 contacts and send them email in one fell swoop, which would take 30 seconds.
I discovered that if selecting all 2000 contacts, mass actions are GROSSLY limited. I can do only like one thing.

Then I decided then I will select some of the contacts to  send my email. 

That's when I realized the limitation of the 100 list per page. I had to click next multiple times to select my contacts. Hmmm, more time..

Then another limitation occurs. I can only select 500 at a time. Really,  after going page by page, the system won't allow you to select more than 500, talk about torture at this point 

So instead of a 30 second email send, Mass emailing today took 5mins

Zoho, zoho, zoho. Why why why?  What is the purpose of making things harder on your users? You might think this isn't deliberate, but your system is actually capale of selecting all contacts...except you can't actually do anyting once you do. So you went and removed all the features if all contacts are selected.  This reeks deliberate.

It's my understanding  your goal for your crm is to make like easy, so ANY WAY that can save 4.5 mins is preferable to one that costs 5 minutes.  Any feature that saves 2 clicks is better than one that costs 3 clicks.

There's ZERO purpose for this delayed functionality for your crm or users. ZEROOO. 

These are the features I'm requesting
1. You need to set the list page to have an OPTION to show all contacts. Some people like looking at it one page at a time, and sometimes it just works for certain actions, sure, but some people like looking at it all at once and it is efficient for MOST actions.
2. Bring back all the functionalities when selecting all, including mass update, mass email, macros, 
3. this includes leads and other modules too! 

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