Benefits of using relay servers to send emails from CRM

Benefits of using relay servers to send emails from CRM

Hello everyone,
In this post we will give you a brief description about a recently released feature: Email relay

What is Email relay? 
Sometimes companies prefer to send email from their servers to ensure the authenticity and validity of the sent emails. They can achieve this for the emails sent through Zoho CRM too, by setting up relay servers. These servers allow them to send emails from CRM account through their company servers. 

Once the relay server is setup, the emails sent from CRM will follow a path like this: Zoho CRM -to- Relay server -to- Recipient

What are the benefits of using relay servers? 
Businesses that require to send bulk emails such as newsletters, notifications, invitations, automatic transactional emails, etc., face higher chances of spamming. Often times the authenticity of an email becomes questionable too. In such cases, a relay server can be very helpful because it lets you combat spamming and mislabeling of the emails, which often occurs when large batches of emails are sent from a single server. 

What are the type of emails that you can send through a relay server?
You can send all types of emails that originate from Zoho CRM via the relay server, that is, workflow emails, individual emails, and mass emails. You can add multiple servers (up to 5) and send one type of email from one server and another type from a different server. Additionally, you can manually set limits to the number of emails (only the above mentioned emails) that you want to send via the relay server. 

Additional advantages of using relay servers to send emails 
  • You can store copies of emails that are sent to the recipients in the relay server. If needed, you can always keep a backup of the sent emails in the server.
  • You can keep a backup of emails sent by older employees even after they discontinue service in your organization for future reference.
  • You can run antivirus checks on the outbound emails before sending it to the customers to prevent potential malware attack to the recipients system.
  • You can append the content of emails before sending them in bulk to the customers. Additional information such as disclaimers, notices or promotions can be added to the emails of selected customers before sending. 
  • Avoid spoofing of bulk emails. Often the header of an email is tampered to give an appearance of spam email. You can avoid this by sending emails from the relay server. 
  • Manage the bounced and failed delivery emails from the relay server.
Learn more about other important details related to relay servers like:

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