ZohoCRM and Office 365

ZohoCRM and Office 365


We are looking for input from other users and perhaps Zoho.

We have enabled the New Microsoft Office 365 Integration on our account.  Zoho added a new Calendar to our users accounts so they now see their original default calendar and the new zoho calendar in the Office 365 Portal.  

The Zoho Calendar Syncs perfectly at first glance to this new Calendar in the Office 365 portal:

Working: You initiate an event on the Zoho Calendar and it appears in Office 365 (Zoho Sync'd Calendar).
Working: You initiate an event on the Office 365 Zoho (added) Calendar and it appears in Zoho.

HOWEVER: When you receive a meeting request in your inbox and you Accept the meeting it appears on the default Office 365 Calendar no the Zoho added Calendar.  This of course never syncs back to ZohoCRM so you must check your Office 365 Default Calendar and your Zoho Syncing Calendar to ensure you don't miss anything.  

Of course, this defeats the purpose of the whole system.

So...Does anyone know how to force inbound meeting to the Zoho Syncing Calendar in Office 365?  Or are we up the proverbial creek without a paddle?

Thank you,
Jeffrey Suffet

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