Now connect and engage with your LINE chat users right from SalesIQ!

Now connect and engage with your LINE chat users right from SalesIQ!

As we widen SalesIQ's feature base to cater to a wider audience, this integration emerged as the best path forward. Happy to introduce the integration of LINE with SalesIQ, our newest addition to the IM channels family on SalesIQ. This channel will allow you to conveniently connect and interact with your customers who are on LINE, all from within your favourite SalesIQ dashboard. 
With LINE easily being one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, this integration opens up a new channel of possibilities, allowing your customers from various regions to reach your business on their preferred messaging app instantly. 

How does it work?

Configuring the LINE channel on SalesIQ allows you to bring in all the chats received on your LINE account directly into your SalesIQ dashboard. This means that you can send and receive messages effortlessly, from the comfort of your SalesIQ dashboard. 

Business Use Case

When you have your business profiles up on social media, chances are you may have a specific person responsible for the chats from LINE along with other social media apps as well. To respond to every single chat and provide reasonable customer support from an instant messaging app will be tedious, to say the very least. Why?
  • There will be no additional support features specifically designed to give the customer the best possible service.
  • Also, the chances of the chats being missed in these cases are quite high.
Although instant messaging platforms are suitable for personal use, leveraging them for business purposes, particularly customer support, comes with limitations. To truly meet customer needs and deliver exceptional engagement and support, a robust platform specifically designed for these tasks is essential.
By bringing the LINE chats inside a powerful tool like SalesIQ, you not only ensure familiarity for your existing operators but also equip them with all the tools necessary to deliver exceptional customer assistance. This seamless combination goes beyond ordinary support, elevating your customer service to a whole new level.

A customer's journey using SalesIQ's LINE channel

Jack is attempting to connect with your business and sends a message to your business' official LINE account. You, the SalesIQ operator, will immediately receive a chat invite on the SalesIQ dashboard. 

  • You greet Jack using your favourite Canned replies and after conversing, you find out that Jack seems to have a problem with his refund. 
  • You immediately share an FAQ relating to your business' refund policy to Jack.
  • You also instantly create a ticket on the help desk software using the Zoho Desk widget right from the SalesIQ operator chat window, without ever navigating to another window. 
  • You also add relevant Tags to the conversation to categorize it effectively for easy filtering in the future.


  • In case a completely new visitor approaches your business from LINE, their name will get automatically populated on the operator chat window, making it easy for you to personalise your conversation. 
  • You can get their contact details and immediately create a lead on CRM with the Zoho CRM widget , pushing their details to CRM right from SalesIQ's operator chat window.
When these customers reach out to your business again after a few days from LINE, 
  • their CRM details will be available in the Zoho CRM widget.
  • Their desk tickets will be available in the Zoho Desk widget.
  • Their past conversations will be stored in the Recent chats section.

See the potential here?

  • You are essentially linking your business' LINE account to SalesIQ, getting all the incoming LINE chats with in the SalesIQ dashboard. 
  • You also have all the essential visitor/customer information stored on the SalesIQ dashboard for future reference.
  • You are able to use the powerful features of SalesIQ's operator chat window, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Added Benefits:

  • Expanded reach: With the LINE integration, you can tap into a vast user base and connect with customers who prefer using LINE as their preferred messaging platform. Reach a wider audience and engage with them in real-time using this integration.
  • Use of SalesIQ features: The use of features like widgets, canned replies, FAQs, OpenAI integration etc. can be utilized by the operators for wholesome support and engagement, enabling you to have more meaningful and contextually relevant conversations.
  • Efficient support: You have the flexibility to allocate specific operators or a dedicated department solely for managing LINE channel chats, allowing you to optimize efficiency based on your unique needs.
  • Easy setup: The configurations for setting up the LINE integration is quite simple with just a few steps, to start receiving LINE conversations within SalesIQ.
Note: Zobot is available for the LINE channel, along with the Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram IM platforms, allowing seamless automation engagement across all the channels and elevating your customer experience.

LINE channel set-up process

The LINE channel on SalesIQ allows you to connect with your contacts seamlessly by linking your LINE account with SalesIQ in a few simple steps. 
The set-up process primarily involves getting your Channel ID and Channel secret from your LINE account and then pasting it on the LINE channel page on SalesIQ.

Check out the below video to get a clear idea of the integration procedure.

For the complete process, check out our help guide here !

SalesIQ also has integrations with other IM platforms like Whatsapp , Facebook messenger , Instagram and Telegram which are currently being used by our users extensively. We have now included LINE channel into our range of channels to expand our reach further and provide seamless communication options for our users.

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