Community Digest - May 2022

Community Digest - May 2022

  • Checkout the enhancements made to the integration of Zoho Campaigns with Zoho CRM
  • Now, customize how you sort your picklists values in CRM

  • Users of the built-in telephony system will benefit from a new upgrade! Call Bar feature is now available in Zoho CRM
  • Email templates in Zoho CRM are now responsive on both desktop and mobile platforms. It's automatically optimized for your customers' convenience
  • Discover about the enhancements for Motivator in Zoho CRM
  • Meetings can now be promptly cancelled from the CRM mobile app. This function is available on the CRM iOS and Android apps

  • Join an interest-based ZUG and connect with Zoho users from your industry

Useful Discussions
  • Check out Abhishek's suggestions for viewing/editing APIs, followed by Kevin's insightful comment on its impact
  • Nik's workaround teaches you how to auto-populate the Contact's mailing address into your address fields
  • Kevin pitched in with the development of a custom button to clone all but a few fields in a module
  • Checkout Michael's workaround for casting vendor bills in CRM using Books Integration by syncing invoices submitted by them
Meetup Snippets
 #MeetupSnippets - a segment showcasing interesting moments from our Zoho User Group (ZUG) meetups. In this Snippet, Shanique Young guides us through a simple process automation set-up to schedule activities for customer follow-ups.
E08 - Setting up scheduled actions in Zoho CRM

Small Business Heroes
'Small Business Heroes' is a podcast series that focuses on the stories of small business owners on how they leveraged Zoho to scale their businesses
E10 - Started as managing church activities and now works as a CRM administrator. Listen to the inspiring journey of Troy Titus —a CRM administrator at Scale-Tec

            Zoho Marketing Automation
                    • Sticky Posts

                    • Tip #35 - On using Kanban View in Zoho CRM

                      Hi folks,  It's that time of the week again, and I am back with a quick tip about using Kanban View in Zoho CRM. If you think you missed any of our previous weeks' tips, you can read them here.  Tip #35 - On using Kanban View in Zoho CRM You deal with so many records in CRM every single day! When you click open each module in Zoho CRM, you have hundreds of records, each in various stages of your sales pipeline. Wouldn't it be cool if you had them all sorted automatically without having to filter
                    • Tip #44: Organizing your Notes in Zoho CRM

                      Hello folks,  It's time for this week's tip and today, let's look at how you can organize your notes for records in Zoho CRM based on your preferences.  Notes form an integral part of records and play a vital role in your Zoho CRM usage. You can keep track of the status of your individual records using notes. One quick glance at the notes, and anyone who wants to collaborate and work on the record along with you or after you, can easily know the status.  However, each person may prefer to read them
                    • Zoho User Group in-person meetups - learn and discuss Zoho at a meetup in a city near you!

                      A big HELLO to the everyone in the Zoho Community! Another great year, another set of new challenges and another set of vibrant goals are ahead of us. We're starting the year off with the ZUG meetups for 2023 spread out globally. We're back again with
                    • CRM Hack #2: Automate sending of birthday greetings to your customers.

                        Hello everyone! What sets you apart as a sales person is your ability to add that personal touch to your business relationship with your customers. Sending a gift on a special day, or leaving a note wishing them on their birthdays, are small, yet significant actions that show your customers that you care. And these are actions done without any expectations :) You must be engaging with a lot of customers and it is highly unlikely that they all are your friends on Facebook or some social channel,
                    • Zoho User Group (ZUG) in-person Meetups - Canada

                      Hello everyone, We're delighted to announce that we've opened up registrations for ZUG Meetups across Canada for December 2022. We've some exciting topics to cover at our upcoming meetups, to time and again, familiarize and implement new Zoho advancements

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