Community Digest - May 2022

Community Digest - May 2022

  • Checkout the enhancements made to the integration of Zoho Campaigns with Zoho CRM
  • Now, customize how you sort your picklists values in CRM

  • Users of the built-in telephony system will benefit from a new upgrade! Call Bar feature is now available in Zoho CRM
  • Email templates in Zoho CRM are now responsive on both desktop and mobile platforms. It's automatically optimized for your customers' convenience
  • Discover about the enhancements for Motivator in Zoho CRM
  • Meetings can now be promptly cancelled from the CRM mobile app. This function is available on the CRM iOS and Android apps

  • Join an interest-based ZUG and connect with Zoho users from your industry

Useful Discussions
  • Check out Abhishek's suggestions for viewing/editing APIs, followed by Kevin's insightful comment on its impact
  • Nik's workaround teaches you how to auto-populate the Contact's mailing address into your address fields
  • Kevin pitched in with the development of a custom button to clone all but a few fields in a module
  • Checkout Michael's workaround for casting vendor bills in CRM using Books Integration by syncing invoices submitted by them
Meetup Snippets
 #MeetupSnippets - a segment showcasing interesting moments from our Zoho User Group (ZUG) meetups. In this Snippet, Shanique Young guides us through a simple process automation set-up to schedule activities for customer follow-ups.
E08 - Setting up scheduled actions in Zoho CRM

Small Business Heroes
'Small Business Heroes' is a podcast series that focuses on the stories of small business owners on how they leveraged Zoho to scale their businesses
E10 - Started as managing church activities and now works as a CRM administrator. Listen to the inspiring journey of Troy Titus —a CRM administrator at Scale-Tec

    Zoho Marketing Automation
              • Sticky Posts

              • [Early Access - Updated to LIVE] Introducing the Canvas Design Studio.

                Greetings Customers!   Before we kick back and enjoy the holidays, we'd like to make a post about our next big thing. In January 2021, Zoho CRM will be launching its magnum opus for delivering world-class user experience - here's a sneak peek of what's
              • Introducing Multiple Sandbox Types and Support for Module's Data Population

                Register here for the upcoming Focus Group webinar on Multiple Sandbox | Help documentation to learn more about the new enhancements Hello everyone,  Sandbox in CRM is a testing environment for users to create and test new configurations like workflow
              • Include Finance Suite modules to Segment your records

                Dear All, Greetings! We have a quick update on Segmentation in Zoho CRM. Let's go! As you might know, Segmentation is a process of categorizing your customer records based on common patterns and behaviors. And, RFM is one such way to categorize customers
              • Focus Group Webinar - Integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics

                In addition to the Focus Group webinar on revamped reports in Zoho CRM, we're discussing and demoing how we can setup an integration between CRM and Analytics, and leverage these advanced functionalities contextually with CRM data. In addition to more
              • Zoho CRM Segmentation FAQ - Post your questions

                Hello, Greetings! We hope you are well. Segmentation is the primary step in Marketing to know and classify your target audience into groups based on their purchase pattern. In the best interest of your benefit, we have been publishing FAQs about segmentation

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