Subscription and digital signature providers

Subscription and digital signature providers

How do I add a new user or remove an existing user license count?

  1. Hover on Settings in the left navigation pane and click Subscription details from the drop-down.

  1. The Subscription Details page will open. Click Modify plan to open a new window with the subscription details.

  1. Click upgrade/downgrade user. If no users are present, only the upgrade user option will be available.

When a user leaves an organization, how do you swap or recover the documents?

In order to recover the documents from a user who has left the organization when the credentials are unknown, the organization account's admin has to send an email to with the reason.

How do I cancel my Zoho Sign subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any given time by following the below given steps.
  1. Hover on Settings in the left navigation pane and click Subscription details.

  1. The Subscription Details page will open. Click Modify Plan to open a new window with the subscription details.

  1. Click the Change Plan button under the Manage Subscriptions menu.

  1. Click Cancel Subscription.

  1. Enter your reason and click Confirm Downgrade.

Only the admin of the specific organization can cancel or change the subscription details. Please ask other users to make a backup copy of their documents.

When should I create an org account and when should I create an individual account?

When you log in for the first time after successfully signing up for Zoho Sign, you may find a screen similar to the below screenshot.

When should you choose No, I don't need a separate Zoho Sign account. Let me join an existing account:
  1. If you are to be added into an organization account.
  2. When you join such account, you will be a user by default. Your role can be changed by the admins of the org account.
When should you choose Yes, I need a separate Zoho Sign account. Create one for myself:
  1. If you are the only user who will be using Zoho Sign.
  2. If you are planning to create an organization account to add other users in the future.
  3. When you choose this option you will be the admin of the account by default.

How will I know in which datacenter my Zoho Sign account is in? What if I want to change my datacenter?

  1. When a Zoho account (and a Zoho Sign account by extension) is created, all your information is stored in one of our datacenters (DC).
  2. This DC is chosen automatically based on your location and IP address, and all your data will be exclusively stored in the assigned DC. 
Find out your Datacenter here.

At present, Zoho Sign is present in five different datacenters. The relevant URL will appear as follows:

United States (US)
European Union (EU)
India (IN)
Australia (AU)
Japan (JP)
  1. There may be some scenarios where you want to migrate your personal account or the entire organization (if you are the admin) from your current DC to another DC. In such cases, your Zoho account along with the data present can be migrated from your current DC to the required DC upon request.
Learn more about migrating your Zoho account here and limitations with migrating your Zoho Sign account to another DC here.

What is a digital signature certificate?

  1. A digital certificate is a digital identification card that is issued to natural persons, legal entities, or services. This can be used to digitally sign files stored on electronic devices and is also often referred to as a digital signature certificate. 
  2. Digital signature certificates are issued by entities known as Certificate Authorities (CA). CAs issue digital signature certificates only after undertaking stringent checks to verify the identity of the individuals and organizations seeking them.
  3. The digital signature certificate itself is a pair of unique cryptographic keys, one private and one public, that are used in the process of signing the files and verifying their validity and data integrity.

When does a signer need their own digital signature certificate?

  1. For most documents, the digital signature certificate issued to Zoho Sign can be used to sign the document, as it still ensures document validity and data integrity.
  2. However, this may vary with respect to the legal regulations in each state, region, country, or continent. There are regional laws, such as the eIDAS regulations in the EU and the Information Technology Act (2000) in India, that mandate the use of a signer's own digital signature certificate to sign certain types of documents.
  3. The most common example of this is when documents submitted to or belonging to public bodies, governmental agencies, banks, and financial institutions require signing, it must be done only using the signer's own digital signature certificate.

What are the different levels of electronic signatures?

Every type of electronic signature falls under one of the below categories.

Simple electronic signature

This is the simplest form of digital signature because it is not protected by any encryption method. In terms of security and legality, this type of signature is not completely encrypted.

Advanced electronic signatures
  1. An advanced electronic signature is a simple electronic signature with some additional elements to enhance a document's authenticity and security.
  2. The requirements for an advanced electronic signature:
    1. Must be uniquely linked to the signatory
    2. Must be capable of identifying the signatory
    3. Private key used to create the electronic signature must be under the control of the signatory.
    4. Must be linked with the signed data so that data tampering is detected.
Qualified electronic signatures
  1. A qualified electronic signature is an electronic signature made using a qualified digital certificate generated by a Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD).
  2. In the European Union (EU), a qualified electronic signature is considered the equivalent of a hand-drawn signature.

What is a Certificate Authority (CA)?

A Certificate Authority is an entity that issues digital signature certificates to individuals and organizations. A CA is licensed to issue digital signature certificates by its government, or the regulatory authority governing digital identity, in its region of operation and establishment.  

What is the complete list digital signature and identity providers with which Zoho Sign has integrated, along with its region of availability, steps on setting up this integration and the edition of its availability?

Digital signature/identity provider
Region (DC)
How to setup
Available in
Aadhaar eSign
India (IN)
All paid plans
eMudhra eKYC services
India (IN)
Enterprise edition
Sign with Singpass
Singapore (US)
All paid plans
All regions
All paid plans
European Union (EU)
Enterprise edition
European Union (EU)
Enterprise edition
European Union eID
All regions
Enterprise edition
All regions
Enterprise edition
Switzerland (EU)
All paid plans
Kenya (US)
All paid plans
Digital certificate based signatures (PFX signing)
All regions
All paid plans

I want to enforce my signers to sign documents only with the digital signature/identity provider that I have enabled. How to achieve this? 

Zoho Sign now providers sender to select the digital signing method of their choice for highest legal compliance.
To do so:
  1. From the left navigation pane, click Settings then select Integrations. Toggle the digital signature provider to ON.
  2. From your Zoho Sign dashboard, click Send for Signatures.
  3. Upload the document, add the recipient details, and click Customize corresponding to each recipient.

  1. Under Digital Signature Providers, click Selected Providers.
  2. Select the needed digital signature providers, then click Save.
  3. Once all the settings are completed, click Continue, add the document fields, and send the document for signature.
The recipient signing window will appear as follows:

How can I renew the eMudhra, Uanataca, or InfoCert certificate?

  1. From the left navigation pane, hover your cursor on Settings and click Integrations.

  1. Click Manage Users and select the intended user. Then select More Actions > Renew Certificate.

How do I remove a digital signature provider integration for myself or another user?

Admins can remove user integrations through the following steps:
  1. From the left navigation pane, hover your cursor on Settings and click Integrations.

  1. Click Manage Users and select the intended user. Then, select More Actions > Disassociate.

When you associate the same user again, Zoho Sign credits will be consumed

Why haven't the signers received the document I sent for signature?

Before sending a document for signature, please do check if the Send in order is checked. The recipients after them in the signing order will receive the document only when all the previous signers to whom the document was sent in parallel finish signing it.

How do I add a common note for all the recipients?

You can do this by entering the message for the recipients of the documents to read in the field under Note to all recipients. After you finish adding all the recipient details and associated actions, click Continue to proceed to the document viewer. The max character limit is 5000 characters.

How do I add information for a specific recipient?

You can do this with the Private Note option. To set a private message for a recipient:
  1. Click the Customize button next to the delivery mode dropdown. 

  1. This will open a pop-up where you can enter the private message. The max character limit is 1000 characters.

Why is the line break not working when I add text tags to my document?

If your text tag goes to the next line, the tag won't get detected. This can be resolved by using short hand text tags in your documents.

Click here to learn more about the short hand text tags supported in Zoho Sign.

How many checkboxes can be placed in a single document?

You can have 2000 checkboxes in a single document. 

Is there a character limit when renaming uploaded documents?

Yes. The document name can have a maximum of 255 characters.
The logo's size must not exceed 500 KB and the allowed extensions are;- jpeg, png, jpg

How many fields can be added per attachment field, and are there any other limitations for attachment field?

Each attachment field can have up to five documents and the maximum file size should not exceed 10MB. One recipient can have up to 20 attachment fields and can upload up to 20 files.

Why am I unable to upload my signature image?

Please make sure that the image file has not exceeded 500 KB. And while uploading an initial, the size must not exceed 500 KB and for stamp it must not exceed 1 MB.

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